Rock Climbing

Top Rope rock climbing technique that activity is organized by those who have not tried it myself,a good opportunity to. 100% safe Petzl, EDELRID, STUBAI and similar equipment, we are dedicated to the brand.
Already a kind opportunity to climb a partner is not available or if you want to take your safetythe right place. As long as the weather permitted, we duvarlarımızla Bolu boltlanmış rock youare welcome.
Escalate a team of 5 people at once, and at the same time have our equipment. This means thatEach rope / route 4 people when we are able to serve groups of 4x5 = 20 people. 3 people under the rope4th open dcc rope climbs on the basis of waiting for the order of 5 and 5 different route .. 4x5 = 20 people Here's account.